Seeking TS 16949 Software that deals document control process linkages?


Lynda Young - 2008

Has anyone seen a good Quality System software program for TS16949/2002 that deals document control process linkages? :bigwave:

Roger Eastin

I tell you what - there are several companies that deal with this area of the standard. Whether or not they are "up to snuff" with the latest version of TS is the question, but I'll bet you they are. I would do a search of the forums for this topic and you'll come up with several companies. If no one else in the Cove has had experience with the new TS and these companies, you'll probably have to call them for information. There are many, many companies wanting to talk with you, you can count on that.

Al Dyer

I wish I could help with url's, but I know of the following two companies that specifically deal with document control:

Pilgrim Software - Tampa Florida
Powerway - ??Indiana??

Can't say good or bad for either, that is a personal decision based on the needs of the company.


Try QPulse by Gael Quality.It is excellent for Document Control.Works great for us(over 5000employees).

M Greenaway

If you can spec out what you need I will knock it up in MS Access.
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