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Joseph Otis

My company is a small (1-3 people) distributing steel. We manufacture nothing, and we process using outside vendors. I have heard that a company might "self-certify" by conforming with ISO requirements and then simply "declaring" their compliance. Can you help me - or point me in the direction of some authoritative source on the subject of Self-ceertification.
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There are a lot of different opinions on self-certification. The bottom line is self-certification is only your word that you comply. Some companies may 'accept' this and some may scoff. You might be better to use the phrase 'compliant' rather than 'self-certified'.

Is it a good idea? I can't see any drawback.

I can't direct you to any specific source of information - I don't know that there are any 'experts' on self-certification. Nor am I aware of any specific criteria to 'self-cetify'. Maybe one of the others can help you out on this.


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All you really need to do is show a continuing system of internal audits, preventive and corrective action, all the required documentation, and an adherehance to your policy and plan....Then a signed letter by your senior management that you conform to whatever the standard is.

You should also be willing to let a customer perform an audit if they wish.

My recommendation is to hire a qualified "3 party auditor" to perform an independent audit to verify conformance. The auditor should be willing to supply you with a document stating that in his/her opinion that you conform to the standard (only if you really do that is).

Check the Registrar Accredidation Board
( for qualified auditors that are for hire.
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