Self Declaration or Registration to ISO 9001?



I don't know if this subject has been discussed in this forum before or not.

Is self declaration really an option or is it just an easy way out?
What are the pros and cons of self declaration v registration.

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Yep, it has been discussed.

Sure it is an option! If your company is not required by a customer, owner, etc. to have a registrar's cert. and you have the discipline to implement and follow the standard without an outside party looking over your shoulder, then by all means self-declare. You save money, save hassle, save having to do things just because an auditor says so, etc. There is nothing in the standard that says it is only useful if a cert is issued, in fact many people feel otherwise, including, I believe, an ISO advisory group.


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Yes, it is an option open to every organization. There is no ISO requirement for registration and nobody is registered by the ISO.

Pros & Cons......self declaration is cheaper (basically free), you just say you are. The Con to that...people will say "yeah buddy, prove it"

Pros & Cons.....registration is done by a 3rd party that declares you meet the requirements based upon all the neat stuff they do. The can be painful and expensive and take on a life of its own.
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