Selling your car (or anything else)?



This happened to a friend, and I though your should know. He was selling a car online. He was contacted by someone claiming to be in Belgium. The person wanted the car, but had to have it shipped from the US. The gentleman sent a check to my friend for the vehicle and $5000 extra to be sent to the shipper. The man cashed the check and sent a check to the shipper, as instructed.

Guess what, the check from the gentleman bounced. My friend called him and was told...too bad, I changed my mind. He tried to get his $5000 back, but the check was cashed, and too bad. There was no shipper.

This is a scam to get your $5000. The FBI knows about it, but the bad guys are in Asia, and their country refuses to prosecute. Case closed. My friend is out $5000.

Moral of the story.... have the buyer deal with the shipper, and wait until the check clears before releasing the item, or any paperwork that can change ownership.
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