Separate Registration or not? Multiple Locations and Corporate Levels


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We are currently implementing QS-9000 at one of our sites. Why didn't we do it before? Distance and it's a separate company on paper. This site is 2 hours away, is considered a supplier to our own production (this site supplies to other customers as well), and is a separate company. We are the parent company in the overall big picture. What would you do?
Register separately or under the parent company registration?

I mentioned that they are 2 hours away because it isn't as easy for me being the MR to just get up and walk over there when they need me(like the other 3 sites) - I don't have that luxury. Well there you go...there's another question...should I appoint a separate MR for this site??


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1. Most of your documents should cross over with minor changes. Other may be deleted, and others created.

2. Look at cost, does your sister plant need to be QS-9000 ie TS 16949 or based on the products that they supply to their customers can they be ISO 9001:2000.

QS/TS cost a lot more to meet requirements then ISO.

3. The cost for registration of both plants should be the same either way. Only which system cost do you need.

I worked for a company, that each plant was an individual, except the overall quality manaul. If this is the direction that you take to do two different systems QS/TS and ISO) then in your Quality Manual for QS/TS shalls put where applicable.

I would see if the sister plant could be ISO.

If you have to use one system ie QS/TS, talk with registrar about the cost to do blanket and individual. This cost should determine the course.

Either way schedule surreillance audits back to back with the same auditor, save travel cost.

Save money.


cost should be the guiding concern, agreed. separate qs will cost more. best to go with an iso spin off as stated previously. suggest a deputy mgmt rep at that site. bring that person to your site for three weeks and TRAIN her/him. if you are not being forced to do this by a customer, then why? are there mfg problems? if not then may not need to have iso there. remember you can audit them yourself and qualify them as a vendor.


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1. We've already got the documentation thing done -yes, a lot was able to be used-as-is and some needed modifying.

2. The sister plant needs to be QS-9000 to comply with the parent req't, then we all have to transition to TS 16949 before QS expires. A definite customer requirement for them and for us.

3. The overall cost for a scope expansion is less and more for a separate registration - not by much though.

Surreillance audits, back to back, with the same auditor, is possible either direction we choose. Registrar is open for either direction we choose. The only catch with a separate registration is is that we cannot share documentation. The registrar will not allow it. The risk of the scope expansion is the possibility of the site failing an audit and putting us all on probation. You see, we're established / running smooth and they aren't........yet!
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