Sequence and Frequency of Calibration for Thread Gauges



We produce metal parts for aviation industry; some of them have internal and external threads of different types. For process and final inspection we use hundreds of thread gauges of all kinds of threads.
Unfortunately we don?t know how to define sequence of calibration for these gauges; therefore we perform calibration in certified laboratory once a year. Usually, the result of calibration is that thread gage is OK.
What is the method to define calibration period for thread gauges in order to save time and money for unnecessary calibration (some of gauges are in use very rarely)?

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Re: sequence of calibration for thread gauges

We solved this by only purchasing TiN coated gages. When the coating wears through, we replace the gage. No calibration.
For large (expensive) gages you have them sent out for strip and replate and calibration.


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Re: sequence of calibration for thread gauges

I suspect the original poster already has a lot invested in gages. I don't know your regulatory requirements, but if it was me, I'd maintain a useage log and assess the calibration history of each gage.

Never found out of cal? Doesn't see much use? Note in your calibration procedure that it's not required to be calibrated until it sees X amount of use or gets dropped by somebody.

Sees a lot of use? Calibrate it more often, but maybe every couple of years instead of yearly.

Goes out to the shop for use in manufacturing widgets, not just used for final inspection? Calibrate yearly.
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