Service Level Agreements with Customers - What should these cover?


Brian L

Service Level Agreements

Hi All,
In relation to Service Level Agreements with Vendors. What topics should be covered on these ?. I already have such items as the following , Specific requirements relating to that vendor , KPI's for Vendor measurement ,Reporting of Vendor Performance , SLA Review and Frequency of review , Vendor Evaulation Criteria ( for New Vendors ) and Criteria for Removal from Approved Vendor List ,Graduation to Ship to Stock Status , Level of Control over Vendor ( Quality Record Availability , Procedure Availability etc. ) , Auditing of Vendor, Complaints procedure ( Corrective & Preventitive Action System ) .
Is there anything else that somebody has included in their Service level agreements.
I would be grateful for any advice given.
Brian l

Al Dyer

sounds like you have it pretty well covered, maybe something about safety/environmental.

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