Service - Must we exclude in the Scope?


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The company I work with makes a product that has no real use in its finished form, except to be used to make another product such as paint, plastic, etc. All sales are FOB our loading dock. We offer no after sale service, simply because there isn't a need. We do have technical service - generally before a sale- and these are covered by manuals, calibration, etc. like QC. Ocasionally we will help a customer solve a problem, though.

Question - should I exclude service (ISO 9000:2000 sections 7.5.1f and 7.2) in the scope statement, or just include a statement in the Quality Manual that we don't do after sales service?

I searched in the old threads and found some that came close, but I'm still not sure.

My first thread, so I hope it is OK. Thanks for the help given already!!



Craig, good thread starter!

9K2K treats service like any other process. If it applies, then you will need to meet the requirements, as they are laid out. If it doesn't apply, I don't think you need to specifically exclude it.



IMO...I think you need to address every requirement / element of the standard and not to skip any. If a section is not applicable to your business, that also should be stated. I would address the problem with a statement something like this:

"Due to the nature of our business, (insert company name) neither has nor needs a system for servicing product at the point of use. If the occasion should arise where the customer would require a service agreement, a description of the requirement would have to be contained within the contract and agreed upon by all parties. Documented procedures will then be developed and maintained for performing, verifying and reporting that service."

It will be interesting to see if other members of the cove agree with me.

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I agree that in the scope of your QMS you should say that servicing is not part of your business.


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I believe it does need to be specifically excluded as outlined in 1.2 'Application'. We, too, do not have post-delivery services and in our draft Quality Manual, I have stated: Control of production and service provision
The provision of service is not applicable to XXXX or its Quality Management System. This exclusion from the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 does not affect the ability of XXXX, or absolve the Organization from the responsibility, to provide product that meets Customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

I admit that it's almost taken directly from Clause 1.2, but I figure if I use their words and what I say is true, there is no discrepancy to be found. :)
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