Servicing element - Servicing of the automobile or the production of service parts



Quick question about the servicing element.

Does the element apply to only actual servicing (of the automobile) or the actual production of service parts or both?



Bill Ryan - 2007

As I remember it, Element 4.19 and 4.19.1 (of QS) had nothing to do with "producing service parts" and was, specifically, related to your "servicing contract" with the customer (sorry, I'm just too lazy to run up to our library to look at the QS-9000 manual to review the verbage). To me "Service parts" fall under one of the production elements.

Hope that helps,


Randy Stewart

Field Service Contracts

Service parts do not fall under 4.19. This is more for the "Maytag Repairman" type of service. If you have a contract to do field service on parts or products you supply then it is applicable to you.
We will go to the assembly plant, on occasions where parts were damaged in transit (customer truck) and repair minor problems. It is done more for customer sat than anything else, so we do not have a contract. This does not fall under 4.19.
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