Setting up Prolink's QC-Gage to a Keyence IM-6225 Vision System

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Anyone have any success setting up Prolink's QC-Gage to a Keyence IM-6225 vision system? Looking for help. Both companies point there fingers to the other one.


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Re: Keyence IM-6225 to QC-Gage

Vaguely familiar with the Keyence system...never touched the ProLink.

If it helps, it looks online like both gages are built to be the boss (data coordination) and I doubt either company thought about programming in a subservient option (send only).
You may need to export from one to .csv or .xlsx and import to the other.

That's what we have to do with our MicroVu Vertex.

See if the Keyence system can export, and into what formats.
Then see if Prolink can work with one of those formats.
Then you may be able to run a VBasic script or other shell script through those steps to make them play nice with each other.



These are the setup steps that I used on the Keyence to create .csv files for pickup with our SPC system. I am not familiar with QC-Gage, but if it can accomodate .csv files, it should work the same way.

To set the Keyence up for creating a .csv file you must have at least v3.52 on your system. Keyence will provide you free updates if you need it.
Go to "optional settings" menu, and select "Measurement output". Click the box for "Also save measurement results as a CSV file. Click on format setting...
This will bring up a variety of settings that control what is outputted to the csv file. items in CAPS vary from system defaults.
Output Direction : VERTICAL
Decimal Separator : Std
Number Notation: Variable Length
Header/Footer: DISABLE
Undisplayed Measurement: DISABLE
Separating Character: SPECIFIC (SPACE)
Line End: CR+LF
Design-Value/Tolerance: (NA)
uncheck all boxes EXCEPT Measurement Value: (NA) and Measurement Name: CHECKED.
(You may have to adjust this a bit depending on your inspection requirements.)
Click OK and return to the main menu.
Go into "Measurement Settings" and open your desired program.
Go to File, Save As, "Measurement Settings Data".
Click "Designate CSV location"
Select location from dropdown list (you may have to set a new folder or mapped drive.) Name the file a default name.
Once selected, click "Save" and the Save CSV location should now show as "SET".
Click "OK" and save over you original program. If prompted to change the original program name be sure to click the Checkbox to "Combine the statistical data".
Repeat steps for each program you wish to create a .csv file for.
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