Severity Matrix less Critical for Sub-Components Company?



Look I have next
Could we consider that Severity Evaluation should be less critical if we know that we work for a Sub-Components Company?
This is because our Customer has another type of Detection Control Methods to detect if we could any sub-component in bad conditions before this sub-component could be a problem to Final Customers.
I feel that this table is referenced that exists a risk to find these kind of situations to those first-suppliers from Ford, GM & Chrysler.
And I feel that It would be better to understand If those Sub-component suppliers should have another kind of reference table of severity.
Could somebody talk about this issue please?

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Roger Eastin

WOW! We received a post from the whole internet!! Talk about the Cove getting a lot of attention!! I hope Marc doesn't get too big of a head over this. Anyway, consider who your customers are when doing the FMEA. Is it your immediate customers or the final customers. Yes, this will affect your severity rating, as you have indicated.


Severity Matrix

Actually I think there is another Matrix to analyze “Detection & Prevention Control Methods”
Because like Severity Concept may be can re-evaluate on these Sub-Component
Companies FMEA’s?
Because these “Detection & Prevention Control Methods” are supported by Future-“Detection & Prevention Control Methods” by First Suppliers before that some sub-component goes to Final Supplier.

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