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I am interested in Shainin Design of experiments related Ref. books
Currently I have only world class quality by Keki Bhote
But any one has specific other ref. book to identify all Shainin DOE tools & their application.

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There are very few books. Shainin kept his service marked work tightly held. Bhote’s is the most commonly available. There are two others that stem from direct contact or study with Shainin:

Industrial Problem solving; Isolating the Key Variables” by Robert Traver. (Robert worked with Shainin).

Statistical Engineering, an Algorithm for Reducing Variation in Manufacturing Processes”. By Stefan Steiner and Jock MacKay

Not directly Shainin but fully supportive of this area of Problem Solving and Analysis:

Ronald D. Moen, Thomas, W. Nolan, Lloyd P. Provost, “Quality Improvement through Planned Experimentation” 2nd Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1999

Beyond that I recommend researching and studying the original works that Shainin most probably used:

Ellis Ott’sProcess Quality Control - Troubleshooting and Analysis of Data”. Lots of good info there including the basis for ‘component swap’ and full factorials utilizing ANOM and Yates algorithm (no need for that anymore with statistical software). (see especially the section “A Problem in a High-speed Assembly Operation (Broken Caps)”)

Ellis R. Ott, “A Production Experiment with Mechanical Assemblies”, Industrial Quality Control, Vol. 9, No. 6, May 1953, pp. 124-130

Leonard Seder’s articles are a fantastic:
Diagnosis With Diagrams – Part I”, Industrial Quality Control, January 1950, pp. 11-19

Diagnosis With Diagrams – Part II”, Industrial Quality Control, March 1950, pp. 7-11

The Technique of Experimenting in the Factory”, Industrial Quality Control, March 1948

A New Science of Trouble Shooting”, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, September 1951, Vol. 43, No. 9

John Youden (pioneered the Youden plot which Shainin later dubbed ‘iso-plot’ and another approach to troubleshooting:
Graphical Diagnosis of Interlaboratory Test Results”, Industrial Quality Control, May 1959, Vol. 15, No. 11

Locating Sources of Variability in a Process”, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, September, 1951, Vol 43, No.9, pp. 2059-2062

Donald Wheeler in addition to Youden’s paper Dr. Wheeler has written several excellent articles on MSA. A great start is:

Wheeler, Donald, "Problems with Gauge R&R Studies", reprint, Quality Digest January 2011, Problems With Gauge R&R Studies

Donald J Wheeler, “An Honest Gauge R&R Study”, Manuscript 189, January 2009.

If you can find it from ASQ:

Donald S. Ermer and Robin Yang E-Hok, “Reliable data is an Important Commodity”, The Standard, ASQ Measurement Society Newsletter, Winter 1997, pp. 15-30.

Steiner and MacKay have a neat article: Designed Experiments with Fixed and Varying Factors—A Cautionary Tale, Quality Engineering, 21:4, p.384-391 (2009)

Multi-Vari gets a book and several articles:

Mario Perez-Wilson, Multi Vari – A Pre-Experimentation Technique, Advanced Systems Consultants, 1992

Robert D Zaciewski and Lou Nemeth, “The Multi-Vari Chart: An Underutilized Quality Tool”, Quality Progress, October 1995, pp. 81-83

Ronald, Snee, “My Process is Too Variable – Now What?”, Quality Progress, December 2001

Jeroen De Mast, Kit C. B Roes., Ronald J. M. Does,, “The Multi-Vari Chart: A Systematic Approach”, Quality Engineering, 13(3), pp437-447, 2001

Søren Bisgaard Quality Quandaries, “The Importance of Graphics in Problem Solving and Detective Work”, CQPI report No. 137, February 1996

B vs C” comes from John Tukey:

John W. Tukey “A Quick, Compact, Two Sample Test to Duckworth’s Specifications”, Technometrics, vol. 1, February 1959, pp. 31-48.

D. J. Gans, “Corrected and Extended Tables for Tukey’s Quick Test”, Technometrics, 23, pp 193-195 (1981)

W.J. Westlake “A One-Sided Version of the Tukey-Duckworth Test”, Technometrics, 13, p 901-903 (1971)

W.E. Deming’s paper “On Probability as a Basis for Action”, American Statistician, November 1975, Vol. 29, No. 4, pp. 146-152 The W. Edwards Deming Institute (was /media/pdf/145.pdf) forms the very foundation of Shainin’s philosophy.

There are several papers that describe the iterative convergent approach that Shainin also uses:

H. C. A. DaleFault Finding in Electronic Equipment”, Ergonomics, pp. 356-383, 1957

A Painless Look at Using Statistical Techniques to Find the Root Cause of a Problem”, http://www.processexcellencenetwork...inless-look-at-using-statistical-techniques-/

Jeroen De MastThe Tactical Use of Constraints and Structure in Diagnostic Problem Solving”, Omega, 39 (2011) pp702-709 and “Diagnostic Quality Problem Solving: A Conceptual Framework and Six Strategies”, Quality Management Journal, Vol. 20, No. 4, 2013, ASQ

You can visit the “New Science of Fixing Things” website.

You can look for some of my papers in the resources section of Elsmar and the Quality Forum Online site.

Beyond that you can try searching the internet and the ASQ website for the older papers that Shainin and his sons published.

A note regarding ASQ publications: ASQ has recently changed their publication archives and older articles do not appear in their cumbersome search engine. I have resorted to writing to them directly to ask for copies of the older articles with success. (ASQ and ASQC are the same organizations.)

This is a start…you should be able to pull the threads of referenced articles in these publications to further your research.

Shainin Publications

Richaed Shainin “Strategies for Technical Problem Solving”, Quality Engineering, 5:3 433-448 2014

Peter Shainin, Richard Shainin, Timothy Nelson “Managing Statistical Engineering”, ASQC 51st Annual Quality Congress Proceedings

Richard Shainin “A Common Sense Approach to Quality Management”, ASQC 49th Annual Quality Congress Proceedings

Peter Shainin “Managing Quality Improvement”, ASQC Quality Conference Transactions 1993

Dorian Shainin and Peter Shainin “OK Isn’t Good Enough”, Quality, February 1990

Michelle Meyer “Solvign Chronic Quality Problems”, Quality Progress May 1990

Dorian Shainin and Peter Shainin “Analysis of Experiments”, ASQC Quality Congress Transactions, 1990

Dorian Shainin and Peter Shainin “Better Than Taguchi Orthogonal Tables”, Quality and Reliability Engineering International Vl. 4 143-149 (1988)

Dorian Shainin “Breaking Through Industrial Problem Solving Barriers”, Rath and Strong, Inc. Consulting

Dorian Shainin “Creative Industrial Quality Problem Solving”, ASQC Technical Conference Transactions 1977

I have left off references to Variables search and Pre-Control.
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