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I can remember three of the four Bars that I received: "Able Seaman," "Skipper," "Indian Lore," and possibly "Archery."

What were the others possible?

Do you still have your shield?

- "Running Deer"
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There were 14 bars available according to an article written by Jerry Hudson in the July 11, 1960 issue of "Just Us at Tosebo". THe list reads:
TOSEBO CAM{ER (what was that for?)
I would add ARCHERY and BASEBALL to this list. Any others ???

Jerry also confirms my former post in his article - weekly honors were for:
Neatness in the tent or cabin
Table manners and conduct
Participation and skill in the weekly group activity
Being an all around good camper

To your other question, yes I still have my shield with ARCHERY, SWIMMING, BASEBALL, and TENNIS. I wish I had spent more time sailing. It seemed that the two sailing bars and the horse bar really took a lot of time to earn and I was always a 4 week camper. But the Buckinghams and Larry Vaughan really taught me enough to not embarass myself on Portage Lake. Dave


Right about that!

Yes, The Horsemanship and Sailing Bars required, as did probably all, a certain number of "Work" honors at those locations. I remember shovelling being the prime duty - sand up on the beach or cleaning the drainage ditches in the swamp behind the boat house - and I'm sure that shovelling was important at the horse corral too! I don't think I knew anyone to get the Horsemanship Bar while I was there - except perhaps Dave Buckingham. (About the only time we wore blue jeans was when we had Horsemanship as an activity.)

My older brother, George, remembers that Larry Meyer's older brother, Fred, was a Horse Counselor, and a Bar from him was difficult also!

I still remember sitting in the Boat House Office and being quizzed about "Rules of the Road," "Boating Terms," and tieing all those knots (They never did make anyone do a "Long Splice," probably because none of them could do one either!)
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I donated my shield to the Tosebo B&B. I had hoped it would hang on the dining room wall next to the shield of Noble (Nobbie) Taylor. The older style of shield was shaped like a shield. In the early '50's the shield took on a rectangular form. 25 honors gave you a felt T, 50 earned a felt Pine Tree circular patch, and 75 honors earned a Sailboat patch.
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