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Shipment Notification System


Mike Fasci

I am currently looking for information regarding the hardware and/or software utilized for advance shipment notifications. This is not a current requirement with our customers, but I would like to know what I may have to do to be compliant.

Any assistance would be appreciated


We only have one customer that requires an ASN. All we do is send them an e-mail prior to the shipment going out, of what we are sending them. That is sufficient for them and it passed the auditor too.
What we had to do was get a waiver from all of our other automotive customers saying that it was not a requirement of theirs.

Dan Larsen

If your supplier is going to request ASN, chances are they have their own software package that they will specify. Off hand, I don't think you can get a "universal" package that will satisfy all of them.

I suggest that you write into your system that you will consider an ASN request if you get one. If you get one, implement it. If you don't, you've got it covered. If you get one that is to too costly to implement, get a waiver from your customer.

Al Dyer


Whether or not there is a waiver for an on-line system (i.e. Harbinger), what is your back-up system in case the phone lines (or cable, isp, etc...) are down?

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