Shipping Container Identification - Electronic modules that have 3 types of container


Penny Treadwell

I am looking for some advise or words of wisdom on "proper identification on each shipping containers". What is proper id to an auto customer?

I am the PM for a TS deployment team and collectively we are not sure of what to expect from our future auto customers. We are currently scheduled to be audited in March 04 and do not have a contracted auto customer yet. What little information we have suggests a label on the external shipping boxes, does this sound correct? By the way, we mfg electronic modules that have 3 types of containers that the customer recieves, ESD trays in ESD bags, internal boxing, and final package.

Any comments would be welcomed.

ben sortin

Begin with "AIAG B-3," Shipping/Parts Indentification Label, Copyright 1993 (my latest). You might be able to request a copy by calling the Automotive Industry Action Group at (810) 358-3570.

Does the part spin?

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I assume you are talking specifically about identification requirements in 8.3.4. This more than likely is met by attaching a copy of the customer-approved waiver to the shipping containers and/or referencing the waiver on the barcode label. Of course, the best way to be sure you're doing what the customers want is to ask them.

For labeling in general, look at the customer specific requirements here:

In Ford's CSRs they reference a "Packaging Guidelines for Production Parts and Shipping Parts/Identification Label Standard" that is available at their password-protected website.

In GM's CSRs they reference a "Shipping Parts Identification Label Standard, (GM 1724)." I found it here (but I don't guarantee it's the latest revision):

DaimlerChrysler says "Organizations shall be familiar and comply with DaimlerChrysler Packaging, Shipping and Labeling Instructions." I don't see a standard referenced... :confused:


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Each company I have seen has it's own requirements which would be expected due to differences in bar code readers / software and other company specific aspects.

Penny Treadwell

Thanks for all your comment. The path we have choosen to take is to use our existing SAP label that identifies the lots and quantity and send a digital picture of the box to the customer as a "Ship Alert". They will then be able to id the box at their incoming and be able to segregate from normal incoming product.


Re: Shipping Container Identification - Electronic modules that have 3 types of conta

Hi Marc,

My company produce hematology analyzer and have all the regulaotry requirements for US and EU on rear panel label of the instrument. Does same regulaotry information or any other specific info need to be on shipping container label?

highly appreciate your help
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