Shipping Product from Canada to China - Where to obtain the Certificate of Origin?


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First off i apologize for posting this question here in the Aerospace discussions but I wasn't sure which category it would fit into. We are looking for some assistance in regards to shipping. Our Customer in the UK is needing us to send some of our product to China for them as they are having difficulty shipping into China themselves. We are in Canada and in order to ship product to China we require a Certificate of Origin. Does anyone know where we can obtain this certificate? Any information is greatly appreciated. :cfingers:


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A Certificate of Origin is something you can make for yourself. All it does is declare where the product was made (made, not shipped from). You might check with your customer to see if there is a specific format they would like for you to use. If not, a simple internet search will net you a myriad of examples.


Re: Shipping Help??

Hi Lindsay,
From what I have seen there is no standard Certificate of Origin. It is just a document, usually with the company letterhead, stating the country where manufacturing took place (or where the material is from, depending on the item being shipped). Others on the forum can correct me if I am wrong on this.

There is also a NAFTA Certificate of Origin that is used when shipping items in the US, Canada and/or Mexico that were also manufactured in one of those three countries.
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