Short Run Mfg Seeking QS9000 Certification



Hi Everyone and I'm so glad I found this forum because I really could use some help.

I am the Quality Mgr, QS Coordinator & Mgmt Rep. for a small screw machine job shop. On the average, we run > 250 pc. orders.I would prefer to go out for ISO certification but the owner of the company insists on QS due to $$$. We are best a fourth tier supplier to the big three and for only a few jobs. We currently have over 2000 active jobs so to speak.

My main concerns are with FMEA's, GR&R, Capability studies, SPC charts, etc. Am I required to have these for all parts, gages, machines, etc.? If I have only 1 job currently that meets these requirements, how can I possibly go for QS 9000 certification?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Lorri


Fully vaccinated are you?
You set your systems up so that you only do APQP (FMEA's, GR&R, Capability studies, SPC charts, etc.) when a customer requires it. On automotive contracts that require the stuff you have no choice.


To expand a little on what Mark wrote - you can split the scope of your certification, applying all of the QS9000 requirements for Automotive Customer's parts that will be used in Automotive applications.

Of course, you will have to clearly differentiate each for the audit team and also have objective evidence that you comply with the requirements on the specified parts/customers.
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