Should the Calibration Laboratory be kept locked?



Recently, I went to visit a supplier for a QMS audit and found their internal Calibration Lab open and unlocked, The AS9100 do not mention that the Lab- needs to be locked at all times and the supplier internal procedure does not mentioned neither.
So is this a GMP or needs to be stated somewhere ?
You can't write them up if is not in a procedure or Standard.
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Re: Should the Calibration Lab be kept locked ?

What is the general nature of the lab? Do they need to garb to go in?

What type of calibrations are performed?

Are calibration standards sitting out where they could be adjusted? Are there fragile/ delicate/ expensive equipment that could be damaged?

Do they have a process where people are instructed to bring their instruments to the lab for calibration? Drop off and pick up?

did they have instruments/equipment sitting around with inappropriate labels on them?

I got this from an A2LA document:

5.3 S.3 There shall be provisions for restricting access to the field laboratory when unrestricted access could nvalidate the test or calibration results.

But again, it depends on how the lab is being used.

If you are going to suggest the lab be locked, there should be a compelling reason why. Locked doors/ rooms are a pain to work with. :)

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Re: Should the Calibration Lab be kept locked ?

I will echo Brad's comments. If there isn't a compelling reason to lock the lab door, then it shouldn't be required. Yes, there may be times when it IS appropriate, but in general I don't see the need.
I have worked in plants where EVERY access was locked, and it was a complete pain in the butt to try and get anything done.


Thanks for the feedback.
It is an aerospace medium size organization with capabilities for gauges, mic's, meters, etc-. I would have the Lab- locked just to safeguard the equipment and records.
I guess will be wise to go with the A2LA Std then.


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Adding to BradM's list -
.. is there a problem where people take items before they are ready to be returned for use?


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This is something that is covered in ISO 17025:

5.8.1 The laboratory shall have procedures for the transportation, receipt, handling, protection, storage, retention and/or disposal of test and/or calibration items, including all provisions necessary to protect the integrity of the test or calibration item, and to protect the interests of the laboratory and the customer.

In a 17025 world it would be the responsibility of the lab to demonstrate their procedures as to how they would keep calibration items secure. It's just good practice to maintain security and the integrity of the items in the lab.
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