Should Tooling Documentation (such as tooling setup instructions) be Controlled?


Brian Turner

Should Tooling Documentation (such as tooling layouts) be Controlled?

We manufacture fasteners and we have tooling that we use to produce these products. We incorporate tooling layouts, tooling assembly drawings and Bills of Materials. Do we need to include the tooling in our listing of controlled documents? We also use an MRP system that has BOMs and Routings. Do we need to document procedures used to ensure that the latest BOM and Routing is used with the Shop Order? We currently use the system to ensure that the Shop Order goes to the machine with the latest print.


IMO, yes to both questions; 1) It's required by Para bullet #5 and 2)Tooling drawings and part drawings are of equal importance in the process. Without a proper documentation process you can not be assured that each one will be reviewed during the change process.
Does it need to be the same documentation control method?, maybe not, but they would need to interface.
Also if tooling is used to verify/validate the product quality then it must also be placed in the calibration system.
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