Should weigh count scales be in the Calibration System?



Tried a search on this and couldn't quite resolve it.

Should scales used to weigh count parts be in the calibration system? :confused: :bonk: :confused:


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Yes - well ours are.

Part of the conformance of your overall product is going to be pack quantity. If you use weigh counting to determine your pack quantity you will want this to be accurate so that you do not receive complaint, as such it should be calibrated.


Not sure who your Customer is, but as part of MS-9000 and/or MMOG (Ford), it is required that they be calibrated. That is, if the scales are used for "shipment quantity determination".



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All of our weight scales are calibrated( you do not want to cheat yourself or the customer) also i believe that most states have a weights and measere law that says anything sold by weight or measure, the instrument is to be checked by the Division of Weights & Measure.

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We also Calibrate the scales at our Plant.

Also, back when i worked with the military (Forms and Publication management) the printers used weight rather than product count and we required (as the customer) that the scales be calibrated.

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