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The Corrective Actions Response of my company are being send electronically, a hard copy also is filed.

The issue here is:

If an auditor review of the Corrective Actions Response and only see the names of the team that approve the document and valid the authencity of the results but there are not the signatures, Could be it a non conformance?


If your procedure requires a signature, it could be a nonconformance.

You should allow for electronic transfer without a written signature in your procedure. The original hard copy can carry the actual signature if one is required by your procedure.

Additional topic for discussion -

I guess it is nice to tie everything in a bow and close a nice neat package with a signature of some sort, but I think we all do too much signing. The fact that the CAR was handled in accordance with a procedure that meets the requirements and was deemed appropriate and effective by the parties involved must surely establish that the person trusted with the responsibility has fullfilled that responsibility. If the last section of the form is filled in or if it states "closed", who cares if it is signed or not? The department and the customer are satisfied. Shouldn't that be enough? I would defy you to identify some of the initials that get put on those things anyway. If we would leave the requirement of signing out of some of our procedures, we wouldn't shoot ourselves in the foot by leaving so many blanks for the auditor to find. I think sometimes we go out of our way to make things harder on ourselves than we need to. If your company truly needs a signature and uses it for something, go ahead. If it adds no value, then you are wasting time, effort and money. The quality system you write for your company has to serve your company.

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You are so right. I hear all day long that we have to have a paper copy of this or that because someone needs to sign it! Why? Aren't we hiring people because of their ability? Don't the computer systems have security, and aren't we providing protected directories based on an employees access needs?

Down with paper!
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