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Simple SPC Software recommendations


Wayne G.

Perhaps someone can help. I am looking for some simple SPC software. I recently began a new position with a metal fabrication company, where SPC has never been used. In the past, I have used Minitab (automotive and aerospace), but here I would only use perhaps 10% of Minitabs capability. Is there some simple software out there? Or SPC for Excel?

Thank you

Steve Prevette

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Re: Looking for simple SPC software

It is very easy to set up the control chart formulae in Excel itself. We (two other statisticians and myself) just use Excel here for our SPC (2,000+ charts per month).

Coleman Donnelly

If by SPC software you are looking for control charts then I would recommend QC-Calc. It can also calculate gage R&R and Cp/Cpk indices etc. If later you decide that you would like to go back to Minitab it also has a great direct interface option that makes using the collected data in Minitab much simpler and quicker.


Excel spreadsheet - there are also free add-on?s offered by MS with macro's already written to calculate and chart common SPC information. Furthermore, since Excel is so widely used, you will be able to find lots of examples on the internet with how to chart and organize the data.

If you have a specific customer prompting for SPC, like a large defense contractor, you might be able to have them spot you software and training from their organization. I've had mintab15 software and training given to me by Lockheed in the past when I was QC Manager for a small machine shop.

Before that, and different customer Goodrich sent us to DOE school to learn minitab13.


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Hi Wayne,
I go for Excel, and this after doing SPC both from a very expensive/awesome deployment software and an inexpensive/nice software. What I have experienced is that software deals only the user-friendliness aspect of the deployment. The initial hype brought by the "wow" factor of an awesome software dies down soon however if end-users don't have enough "faith" in the control charts, and enough discipline to react to OOC trends.

Bottom line if I would have to do it all again I'll start with a free/readily available software and focus on building faith/discipline first. Then if both are in place and the number of charts has become un-manageable, that is when I would start to look for some fancy software.

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