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Simplest way to make transition Iso 9001 ->QS9000


Richard Durham

We are a ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified company currently making the transition to QS9000.
We seem to be choking on detail (Particularly with FMEA's). Is there an easy way to make this transition?
Is there a Road Map available for such a change?

Dan Larsen

I don't know that there's an easy answer here. I worked with a client in MI in installing a QS system (no previous system), about 100 employees. Rather than just jumping into all the paperwork, I worked with them in developing the concept of an APQP team first. We used the primary managers, defined the Plant Manager as the team chairman, and used a weekly managers meeting as the APQP meeting vehicle. From there we worked up an agenda...what should the APQP team be working on (within the framework of QS)?

It flowed from there...first came process flow diagrams for standard processes (pulled right out of advertising literature), then some training on what FMEA and Control Plans are all about and how to use them, then started putting them together for the companies products (in this case metal processing services). As the concept grew, they realized that a lot of what they were already doing/discussing worked into QS concepts...facilities/tooling planning, improvement projects, etc.

Each manager brought something from the system to the table for consideration by the team.

It wasn't necessarily a totally smooth transition, but ultimately it seemed to work well. I'd sit in on a few meetings and coach and direct their efforts in developing FMEA and Control Plans. By the time the registration came around, the APQP concept was established and the team was central to the QS system.

The bottom line...I'd suggest starting with the APQP manual and develop the APQP concept in your plant. Use the APQP team to springboard into the other things. Get some training on FMEA and Control Plans (check out AIAG or ASQ...both offer one to two day sessions). a consultant :)

Good luck!
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