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"Simplified" AS9100 and ISO 9001 Internal Audit Checklists



OK, another fallacy! Good stuff! You don't HAVE to have a whole year's worth of audits scheduled out. Indeed, contrary to what many people think, it's almost impossible to do that without a very fine, calibrated and verified crystal ball!
I'd love to read the WI for calibrating a crystal ball.

I agree that it's impossible to stick to an audit schedule a year out, but I do one anyway to keep track of what needs to be covered over the course of the year and as changes get made adjust accordingly. I deliberately didn't tie my hands in writing that procedure because it needs flexibility to be effective. Besides, we're a custom shop without a separate QC department so if I couldn't move my auditors and audits around to accommodate crunch time someone would have cut my brake lines by now.


Captain Nice
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I agree. I recommend scheduling out a year of internal audits as a minimum. One may not complete them all, some may be rescheduled, etc., but you have a plan. I have seen auditors write up a company for not having a "complete" audit schedule, if only as an "observation" (recommendation for improvement, or what ever one wants to call it).


Re: Intro and internal audit question

When you read various threads + posts here, you may have noticed that most of us here are not in favor of what I call "shopping list audits." If you are preparing for the initial stages 1 and 2 audits, and just want to verify compliance, then a check list may help. Once all pieces of your QMS are in place, you want to verify EFFECTIVENESS of each of your processes in your QMS. That lets you know how WELL each process performs in delivering the expected results.

At any rate, if you really like to look at checklists.... Here you go.
IMHO, Checklists are great for Compliance based audits, not so much for performance based.

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Captain Nice
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Things haven't really changed in the last 8 years or so when this discussion was started. A quick "Bump" as Food for Thought.
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