Simultaneous or Staggered registration for two divisions of one company



My company was 80% Implemented and 2 weeks away from auditor training when we acquired a smaller start up company. Our quest for ISO Certification was derailed by the acquisition and demanding workload. Now 1 year later I have been told to dust off my files and prepare for our second charge. Our fearless leader wants to use the procedures designed for one division to bring both divisions into compliancy. My question is, is there anything to gain by bringing both divisions through the process together. I would like to make an effective pitch to continue the main divisions journey to certification. Then bring our new acquisition into compliancy in the following year.

All input/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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its all in the eyes of the beholder.

What makes sense to you? There are as many arguments for as against.

if you want a more detailed answer, you need to elaborate on things like similarities, logistics, registrar policy and so on. The variables are too numerous to even list here.

My gut feel is do the one then add the 2nd. You will have the time to put into it as well (cause its new, so its square one) as the experience under your belt. It will be easier to continue than try to pull the other up to speed. See what works, work out the bugs then apply it to the 2nd. But that is from my experience, and just my humble opinion
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