Single Fault Condition Simulation


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I have international safety analyzer 601PRO and there is enclosure leakage current measureament function. If I need to simulate single fault condition, it means that I need to simulate one SFC at a time? For example I need to simulate only NO EARTH or NO L2 condition? It is unnecessary to simulate both NO EARTH and NO L2 at once? And Single fault condition stands for simulating of not two or more but one fault?


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Are you asking this related to type testing or to routine testing after the device is on the market?


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The IEC 60601-1 standard, section 3.116 defines Single Fault Condition:

"condition of ME EQUIPMENT in which a single means of reducing a RISK or a single abnormal condition is present."

section 3.117 defines what Single Fault Safe means:
"characteristic of ME EQUIPMENT or its parts whereby it remains free of unacceptable RISK during its EXPECTED SERVICE LIFE under SINGLE FAULT CONDITIONS."

So, your assessment is correct. During simulation you deal with one SFC at a time.

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