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Dear Forum,

I currently work in the field of CE marking and have some questions which I could not really find answers yet or would like to have confirmed.

My field of interest is electronics so the related directives should be EMC, RED (R&TTE), LVD and RoHS.

I have read the Blue Guide 2014 and also the related directives.

The single point address does not need to be inside the EU for these directives, correct? (I think the machinery directive requires this only).

Must the single point address be the place where the technical documentation and DoC is physically stored? I think it can be stored elsewhere, as long as the contact from single point address can provide the documentation on request in a short time?

R&TTE requires the product to be accompanied by a copy of the DoC. Is this still true for RED and the other directives listed above?
For non R&TTE devices, does the DoC need to be published anyhow? Or just be kept for documentation and be made available on request?

Thanks a lot for your help!


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Requirements do vary but for directives listed:
EMC, LVD and RoHS do not require DoC to be provided with the product
R&TTE Directive requires DoC to be provided, but can be "short form" as per

The new LVD, EMC and RED directive are not applicable until 2016 (April, April and June respectively) and I would wait for the official guidance to come out before worrying much about those

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