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Six Sigma Case Studies - Does anyone have a good source for LSS case studies?

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I know of the LSS Green Belt primer from QCI that has a whole chapter dedicated to case studies...maybe you could start there.

Brian :rolleyes:

Bev D

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are you looking for a wide range of studies (transactional to highly technical) or are you looking for a specific industry?

Many studies aren't published as they often contain proprietary information. There also aren't a lot of journals that are appropriate for this type of publicaiotn. Quality Progress has some but they are mostly transactional...I have a bunch but not many I can let go as they contain proprietary information...

Wesley Richardson

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Hi Geoff,

Quality Council of Indiana has 7 or 9 LSS Case Studies which are from real examples in our Lean Six Sigma Primer. The 7 or 9 is depending on how you count the last one which is three related case studies.

Note that I work for QCI, and thus am not independent of this post response.

Wes R.


Yes, there were some sources for six sigma case studies during my train as a black belt. But you know, they are not free and even expensive.
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