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hello all
I work as a quality manager but i have no 6 sigma experiance at all.
I want to get the green belt certification.
I can't get the ASQ certitication because i don't meet their requirments (6 years of hands on 6 sigma experiance)
I looked all over the internet for different certification providers and since there is no standard i am a bit confused.

what do you think about the MORESTEAM course+certification? is it worth somthing? is it recognized worldwide? i see they are partner with ASQ
do you know somthing better maybe a place i can get only the certification without have to pay for a course? maybe internationl quality association?

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! :):bigwave::applause:
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I do not recall the Green Belt requiring completed projects or a large amount of experience, unless they changed things.
The Black belt did require these things, which is why I could not go on to get it at the time.
Yes, just checked again, you need 3 years experience in "one or more areas of the GB BOK", which isnt hard unless you have not been in the quality field for 3 years.
The BOK covers alot of ground, so I am sure you would have experience with at least one area, like SPC, or something similar.


I am from your post guessing you do not have any green or blackbelts in your organisation. So the next question is, why do you want to become a greenbelt? So your company can say it's a sixsigma-organisation, or cause you beleive it is a good method to improve? If it is the former, then ye, you need a internationally approved six sigma education, if the second.. Well there are a lot of six sigma educations, take one, do a project or 2 and then see if you feel you need further education.


The CSSGB exam from the ASQ only requires you to have 3 years experience, not 6 as you mentioned. Not sure if that change helps your situation.


As there is no governing body for Six Sigma certifications, you can do some research on best training providers in your location. I took my course+certification from Simplilearn because the course content is aligned with the ASQ Body of Knowledge and there is no such eligibility criteria to take this certification.

The training helped me to understand the various six sigma concepts and their application in work place.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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