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Six Sigma in Design - Product Development




Excellent paper - I've done a little research on my own regarding six Sigma - from what I've read it sounds like a very viable program - and certification is based on actual results - however, I believe like any other program it is a tool to be used to achieve reuslts, and is only as good as the individual using it.


I've not attended any formal classes on the subject but the few texts and papers that I've looked thru seem to use the same assumptions that almost everyone else does, and that is to use population parameters instead of sample statistics. If using say a 30 piece sample and only having a sample mean and sample standard deviation it's tough to make statements about 3.4 ppm at any reasonable level of confidence without resorting to large intervals.

The 1.5 sigma meanshift is just an assumption, and either you buy it or you don't. It's a better assumption than no meanshift, which is what a lot (most ?) seem to use when something like statistical tolerancing. The 1.5 sigma meanshift wasn't conservative enough for a lot of our processes so we used uniform distribution assumptions.

Steven Truchon

One of our major customers and current "driver" of our Six Sigma program taught us that the belt color is in direct reference to what percentage of your worktime is dedicated to the Six Sigma function or projects. A black belt was at 100% (fulltime) and a green belt was at 10 or 20% and the other colors were somewhere in between. That is from one of the makers of Tim-the-ToolMan-Taylor handtools and small kitchen apppliances.

Originally posted by Don Winton:
Yea, I am not up on this six-sigma stuff either. But, I do believe the Black Belt term is given to persons who complete some six-sigma school. But, I could be wrong.


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Does anyone have experience in applying Lean Six Sigma for Product Development Process from idea to approval of design by the customer? This is my steer going forward.

Thank you.


Hello Guys, I have been living in China for 2 years and I am working in a strategy to deploy the Application engineering do you guys have any information or presentations that you could hsare about application engineering and R&D


Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects in any process i.e from manufacturing to transactional and from product to service.
In order to overcome this limitation, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) approach is recommended as it covers a full range of product and service. By applying Lean Six Sigma in a multi-generational model, a strong project management process can be developed. More important IDOV is one of the popular methodology for designing products and services (DFSS) to meet Six Sigma Standards.
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