Six Sigma in Maintenance Department

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Maintenance Dept v 6 sigma

Dear forum,

We have a mintenance team that looks after all manufacturing site services, plant and tool stores. We are looking at cost / leadtimes / working practices / sub-contract services, etc.

Anyone had experience of applying 6 sigma to a maintenance environment.

Any thoughts or pointers you could offer would help.

Thanks in advance.

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Just wondering if anyone is seeing six sigma in maintenance.

Geoff, did you find out anything elsewhere? What did you eventually come up with?


At my Ford location they are using Six sigma tools and techniques very loosely within the skilled trades areas of maintenance.
I haven't heard of a six sigma project being initiated per se yet, the tools and techniques are being used within the Ford Production System (FPS) and the Ford total productive maintenance (FTPM) initiatives.

Geoff Cotton

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Had no direct success (yet), however we are about to start a project on reliability and maintainability of our machines.

We have picked up some maintenance issues when working on other projects, which have not particularly targeted the Maintenance dept. directly. Issues such as availability of fitters have come to the surface.

One project on machine uptime identified if we moved from doing length change overs to doing diameter changes instead we saved around 2 hours fitting time per change over and the setter/operator could do it himself – no need for fitters to get involved.


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Six Sigma in Financial Services

The way I see it, six sigma is just statistics so it should be applicable everywher, actually. Glad to hear you're starting some studies.

I was thinking of this thread when I saw the following. It's an advertisement, however it does illustrate how 'six sigma' is King. It's one of the most vaulable 'pay per click' key words around, by the way... Anyway, it's in financial now so I guess it's everywhere:
Six Sigma Forum to Reveal Best Practices for Financial Services Industry
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Financial services organizations are growing revenue, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing costs through Six Sigma deployment. Benefits from the application of Six Sigma multiply beyond the results of specific process improvements. An increasing number of companies in the financial services sector find that Six Sigma methodology pushes daily decision-making, efficiency, and effectiveness to continually higher levels. Specifically designed to teach companies how to take advantage of this increasingly growing trend, this forum will present practical applications and live experience that will help participants understand how Six Sigma can drive performance in financial services organizations.

The event will feature solutions, best practices, and case studies providing specific insight into:

  • Using Six Sigma strategically to achieve corporate objectives and revolutionize corporate culture
  • Winning strategies to dramatically increase productivity by applying Six Sigma to labor intensive processes
  • Implementation of Six Sigma methodologies in the Financial Services to improve performance at front, middle and back-office processes
  • Ways to quantify and reduce defects in the Financial Services value- chain - thus increasing efficiency and reducing cost
  • Determination if your organization is ready for the culture change dimension to Six Sigma
  • Discussion of alternatives to start your own journey to Six Sigma

Join the following industry leaders for in-depth case studies and expert commentary:

  • Citigroup
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Bank of America
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
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  • IBM Business Consulting Services
  • AON Risk Services
...the tools and techniques are being used within the Ford Production System (FPS) and the Ford total productive maintenance (FTPM) initiatives.
Seems to me if they're using the tools, that's what matters. :2cents:
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