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Six Sigma in service, support and average salaries



Hello all,

We personally don't use six sigma at work, but a friend of mine has been trying to break into a company that is committed to it. She's been telling me about the different "levels" - black belts, green belts, master black belts.

She has peaked my curiosity and I have started reading online into 6 sigma as a quality initiative. I was wondering, is being a green belt a "temporary" role only held when six sigma projects are being implemented? And is 6 sigma is applicable in service and support? Also, can anyone tell me, here in Canada, what the average salaries (or low end, high end) are like for Black Belts, Green Belts, and Master Black Belts.

Thanks everyone!!! :)


Bev D

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A green belt is a permanent designation of achievement. It typically requires 2 weeks of training and one project that is typically 'easier' and/or of smaller scope than a balck belt project.
A Black Belt is also a designation of achievement and typically requires 4 weeks of training and 2 projects. Often Black Belts are a full time postiion for some time period (1-2 years) befroe they move on to other jobs - but they are still considered 'certified' black belts.

Some jobs require certification as a BB or GB as part so the qualifications.

yes, six sigma can be applied to service and other business processes.

I'm not aware of salary ranges in Canada.
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