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We are not involved in Six Sigma, but we have a potential customer that is. I am not very familiar with constructing FMEA's & Control Charts, etc. If our new customer requires such things of us, what do you suggest, short of Six Sigma training for one customer?

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Rick Goodson

FMEA and Control Charts were around long before Six Sigma. There are a number of sources for training in those areas. You might start however by contacting the Automotive Indusrty Action Group (AIAG) in Michigan and getting their FMEA manual and SPC manual. They are relatively inexpensive (about $10 each) and very good. Also you might contact the local ASQ chapter in SC and see have the offer any programs. Call ASQ national at 800-248-1946 and they can give you a SC contact number.

Good luck,



Thanks Rick,
I do have the booklets from AIAG already, and you're right they are helpful. My background is not in the automotive field, so it's just something I haven't had much call for.

Al Dyer


I am not a fan of 6 sigma, if a company has a good project management and continuous improvement process this basically covers 6S.

Is your potential customer requiring some type of 6S?

If yes you have to balance to ROI with the proposed sales volume. 6S is not cheap.




I agree that 6S is not for everybody. We should see the requirements later this week. I don't know how much they will expect from us.


HFowler -

For what ever it is worth, I have not yet seen a customer REQUIRE "six sigma". I would be interested in knowing if anybody has stumbled across such a requirement from a customer.


What I have seen in the past was that Six Sigma customers require at least an FMEA, Control Plans and Gage R&R.

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KenK - 2009

A company called Resource Engineering (I have no association with them other than as a customer) sell CD-ROM-based training on FMEA, SPC, Mistake-proofing, etc...

The training is very well done and cost effective. While there are a few SPC courses out there (in CD-ROM form), their FMEA class is the ONLY one I'm aware of - and they've done a very nice job with it.

Their website is


Thanks Ken,

I also found a multimedia training CD Rom called FMEA Investigatorfrm ASQ, but its $895.

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KenK - 2009

FMEA Investigator is the one I mentioned. It is actually produced by Resource Engineering, and can be purchased through ASQ. You can purchase it directly through Resource Engineering, but the price is the same. They do offer some volume discounts though.

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