Six Sigma Value and ROI (Return on Investment)


Jimmy Olson

6 Sigma Value and ROI

Greetings All.

I am interested in finding out if anyone has some information, or knows where I can find some, on the value and ROI of 6 Sigma. I am interested in attending some training (just a green belt) and need to try to convince the company to pay for it (instead of me) :vfunny:

I realize there are a lot of opinions on 6 Sigma and that it is overrated. I agree that it is overrated. But from what I know about it, it does offer some valid tools and use. The debate is that anyone who has had other training or education knows it already. But I haven't had any other training yet and am looking at this as a good way to get some additional skills under my belt that I can use and expand on. So any information on how to justify the training cost would be greatly appreciated.

I am also interested in lean manufacturing as well, but I'm not too familiar with that and am unsure of which one might be more beneficial. So any opinions on that would be appreciated as well.

I realize there is more than just one question here, and apologize. But I'm just confused. :confused:

Thanks :bigwave:
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Atul Khandekar

For 6S and ROI, I think one place to look at is the 'Library' at
There are quite a few good articles and I am sure you will find the info you are looking for.

Jimmy Olson

Thanks Atul. That looks like a pretty good site that I will have to spend some time looking at.

Wes Bucey

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Marc said:
Anyone have any information re: ROI they can post here?
I'm curious, Marc. Why the sudden interest in 6S today?
It seems like the 24 hour log is filled with 6S stuff created or resurrected by you today.


I'm the Internal Auditor for a small staffing agency that is TL 9000 certified. I'm interested in Six Sigma but need to justify the expense of training to upper management. We have not thoroughly implemented data driven process measurements. At this point it's mostly a "feels good" or "feels right" type of environment. So, considering 6S focuses on statistical measurement, I wonder what the value would be for our organization?

Also, if anyone out there lives near Portland, Maine and is doing a 6S project and would like some volunteer help - I'd be most interested in hearing. I would love to be able to experience a project first hand, before attempting one on my own.

Barbara Launer


I'm the Internal Auditor for a small staffing agency that is TL 9000 certified. I'm interested in Six Sigma but need to justify the expense of training to upper management.

I think that it is more easy if the upper management give the direction to start a green belt training. You can justify the training but without their support 6S or any other tool will become useless.

This is something that must to start at organization's head management.

I am sorry if I am so straigth but I think truth is better than anything else.



Thanks for the reply, I agree that any 6S program needs upper management support. However in order to justify the training, I need more stats on the value of 6S. I'll visit the website for articles that was noted in a previous post on this subject. But what I would really like to do is work with another company that is initiating a 6S project so I could gain first hand experience. I'd volunteer my time. I live in Maine, travel to DC once in awhile.


Bonterra, 6sigma works with processes, therefore will work with ANY process. If you don't have processes, how have you got TS9000?
Six sigma is the application of problem solving and statistical analysis techniques in working through the Define, Measure Analyse Improve and Control (DMAIC) cycle of process improvement with the aim of eliminating process defects and process variation.

If you go for 6 sigma, you will learn how to express "feels good" and "feels right" in terms of "% correct" and "defects per million opportunities". You will also be able to identify when despite everything feeling good, something is definitely wrong! At the moment by the time you get to "feels bad" there is a really big problem.

Six sigma is working in all sorts of service environments from banking to call centres. One of the people I am studying with on a six sigma black belt course is currently problem solving in a software support call centre.

It is hard to get senior management support for this kind of training. Sometimes you need to do a bit of background learning and show something unexpected in the data that exists before they can be convinced. If you can get the green belt training, you can learn everything you need to know to put a case together for more training.

I am based in the UK, so unfortunately I can't help with a 6s project.
Good luck!
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