Skip Lot Inspection - What do we look at and when?



skip lot

We would like to adopt skip lot inspection for one of our better processes.My question is :
What are the things that should be looked into before going in for skip lot ?
and how should we bring this under the quality system?/

please help


Skip Lot

Hey, we have developed a skip lot program after we started our certified supplier program. We came up with some criteria to audit our suppliers by; rated them; certified them; and after so many lots were accepted by our inspection department put them on our skip lot program.

If there were any rejects discovered in our manufacturing process, this information was feedback to our inspection department. Depending on the kind of reject discovered, we would make a note in an active electronic file and inspect the next lot received from that supplier. In our skip lot process, we may elect to inspect every 3rd or 4th lot that arrives at our facility. This program works but it takes constant monitoring of your supplier's performance.

We remove supplier's from this program if they continually fail to meet our requirements and they can be removed from our certified supplier list if the sufficient corrective action plans have not been effective on their part.

Vash Stampede

You can skip lot if there's no history of nonconforming for the particular lot. Or if you have a tracking system, where you could easily track problematic lots.

Hope this helps.
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