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Subject: Fw: Skip Sage's age
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Received this from my Brother, George, about Skip Sage's age.

I just delivered a package of copied "Just Us at Tosebo" newsletters and other printed items I thought would be of interest. Sent it "Priority," which should get to you by mid-week.

I think you'll find lots of interest - I did. I am impressed at how talented and versatile you were at that age!

I only ask that as your memory is refreshed, and it will be as to names, please fill in and correct the names I have associated with the photo's on Marc Smith's web page.

Does the name, "Chandra Levy" ring a bell? I hope not.

- Bob

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Subject: Skip Sage's age

> I would guess Skip to be 63, maybe 64 now. I'm sure he must have
> been a JC or a CIT my last year '55. Druther
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For many years I've tried to find Skip Sage with no success. Four years ago he supplied this address to the people at the Tosebo B&B: 15944 West 12 Mile Road Southfield MI 48076 Phone: (248) 644-8017

I wrote -- no reply, nor was my undelivered letter returned. I called -- got an anonymous voice mail recording. I left a message but no reply. Skip, if still living would be a key figure for us to be in touch with. I believe he first came to camp in '50 or '51.

Strong Bow

I'm afraid I may have hung too quickly, but I called that number, a woman answered and I said I was looking for "skip Sage" and she said "no such person at this number, so I said sorry and goodbye. Maybe he moved and she's only had the number a short time. I should have asked. Bad detective work Dave


Possible phone number for Skip?

My rather outdated (1999) edition of ProPhone shows a "S.D. Sage" in Southfield, Michigan with a phone number of: (810) 644-8017. It doesn't list a street address.

It doesn't list any "Skip's" but does have some other "Sage's" in Royal Oak, Michigan, Ship's hometown.


First of all, my older brother, George, thinks that "Skip" was truly his given name.

Through Dave Wallace, we have finally found him (One of the campers/counselors that spanned a wide period - and distance!)

Skip Sage
2032 North Vermont
Royal Oak, Michigan 48073
(248) 543-2851

He always wore the oldest shirt design in the camp!

And I remember being invoved with Steve Buckingham and Jim "Termite" Bergquist in short-sheeting Skip's bunk, much to my later regret! (Justice came swiftly in those days.)


I talked to Skip Sage on the phone today 4/5/03 He says he is 62 years old. Says he
would like to see Murdoch (Doc) Campbell again--wonders if Doc is still playing the bagpipes.
He runs a metalworking business at 15944 West 12 Mile Road in Southfield MI 48076.
You cant miss the place. A sign over the door says CAR BEE, Inc. When you go inside,
ask for THE BOILER MAN. . . .that is his title.
Skips computer is down-hopes to be back online in a couple of weeks-In the meantime
you can call him at home (248) 543-2851


To defend myself. . . .I was only repeating what Marie Baker-hostess at the Old Camp
Tosebo B & B-reported to me that Skip told her-when he phoned for reservations-that Skip
was in fact his given name. When Ross Taylor e-mailed today that the proper first name
was Alvin, I immediately thought of singing chipmunks. I shall continue to call him Skip.

Murdoch Campbell

Should Skip monitor this site, I still have my bagpipes but no longer do I enjoy all the wind of a Chattering Chipmunk to play them. I'm going to stop by the Home of the Boiler Man for a reunion soon. See ya' Skip!


There seems to be a discrepancy regarding 'Skips age: In my recent telephone conversation with Skip, I asked him his age-to satisfy the topic question of this thread. I believe his reply was 62, which is a couple years younger than I had guessed. I am presently 61. In the camp newsletter JUST US AT TOSEBO dated July 12, 1953 on page 1 there is an article titled "NEW CHIEFS . . .SHAWNEES. Skipper Sage, 14 is the new Shawnee Chief. Skip, that's his real name, was here in '51 and '52 so this is his third year. He claims for his hobbies photography and collecting money. By the way Skipper hails from Royal Oak and he is the only Able Seaman so far this season."

You do the math: In 1953 I was 11 years old-In 2003 I am 61 years old. In 1953 Skip was 14. So how old is he now? Simple, just add 50 to his age in 1953.


The July 12, 1953 JUST US AT TOSEBO newsletter states "Skip, that's his real name"
We know differently now, thanks to Ross Taylors recent Email and Dave Wallace's call to
Skips Mother-still living at the same address since Skip was a camper.
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