SMA Connector Measurement - Measurement Equipment to Measure the Ferrule Length


Mark Smith

Does anyone know what measurement equipment can be used to measure the ferrule length on polished SMA connectors (for optical fiber)? The industry standard is 9.805 +/_ 0.005mm


Hve you tried a laser micrometer? I've had some good results to 4 decimals in mm. Need some technique and and fixturing. Is there a typical diameter?


I have a different SMA connector measurement question. Specifically for an SMA 905. I am having difficulty tracking down the standard that gives the ID specification for an SMA 905 connector. I have found IEC 61754-22 which replaced IEC 60874-2. Am I on the right track? These standards reference an F-SMA which I am not sure what the "F" stands for and I cannot be purchasing standards until I am fairly confident that I am on track. Any ideas will be appreciated? Thank you.

Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
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It looks like you are on the right track. I found the standard you mentioned for F-SMA type connectors on page 52 of this British standards list.

I couldn't find what the F means. Does anyone else out there know?
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