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So what do you do with this new-found knowledge?

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Jen Kirley

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scrowner said:
A piece of paper, with numbers, gets put in front of me and then I start questioning all of the "behind the scene" calculations that went into getting it into this reduced form...I am looking forward to using this knowledge that I have recieved so far in my upcoming classes.
Good for you! :applause: Very often analysis is made on incomplete information, either by not asking enough questions or avoiding certain factors out of having an agenda. You are right to see the complexity and wonder if the given data truly represents reality.

Want to really make your head spin? Try considering such analysis with the whole-system view of Baldrige Quality Award criteria. Then you can get really cynical and suspicious: you can ask questions like "But what would such a result mean to (another department)?" See Baldrige here:


new found knowledge

Steve, I really enjoyed your leadership article and powerpoint, I wish more managers used this way of thinking. I'm not exactly sure how to implement all of this new found information, but I think the improtant thing to gain from it all is that there are many factors to consider when making a decision, not just numbers but to look at how the numbers interact with the overall picture.

I'm finding that I am looking at things from a different perspective and catch myself asking, what is the probability of that happening? (Which, by the way, would have NEVER crossed my mind prior to this class!). I'll never view a coin toss the same way!

Mike Moran

What to do with this new gound information?


Thanks for the excellent PP slides. The threads are interesting for this subject. As far as the leadership thing goes, I am a firm believer that leadership through/by example is the best way to go. People who work for a manager who is not afraid of tackling the big challenges or asking the hard questions is constantly coaching and training the future of his/her organization.
After taking this course, I am looking at information and data sheets with a new set of eyes :) and with a better understanding of how the interpretation of the data is critical to decision making. It has made me ask much more about the numbers and the quality/basis behind them before I make a decision.
Thank you. Mike

Steve Prevette

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I have found myself in presentations lately referring to a "lens" through which one views data. I suppose you have now all received a new prescription.
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