Laura M

Anyone else watching the Women's World Cup? FYI - there is one person on the US team, Abby Wambach, from Rochester. She has 2 goals so far in the cup matches, I think. Her sister plays on my indoor team. Good game scheduled for tonite.
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But of course, I honestly thought Canada had an outside chance of doing some serious damage at this tournament. I no longer harbour such thoughts. I was bitterly disapointed in our team's performance in the first round. We actually tried to play 424 against Argentina, if you know anything at all about soccer tactics you know this is hopeless. What ends up happening is the defense bypasses the weakened midfield by hoofing it upfield hoping that an attacker will get onto it. What invariably happens is you just give up possession, time and time again.

We managed to scrape through to the quarters. I am predicting a US vs. Germany final with the US winning again. On a good note, overall the skill level in the women's game has come on leaps and bounds. Definitely worth watching.

marco kerssies

yea i watch it but on eurosport though. Soccer is soccer and i love the game. USA strongly favourite for winning the world cup though.

To bad holland womens team aint that good. USA women soccer is way better developed than what the dutch have.

Strange really cause in holland mens soccer team, we are 1 of the top countries in soccer. Maybe we are a bit overrated ay most though, but that doesnt matter.

Laura M

...and sometimes take their shirt off when they score!!!

Although there is a new rule - for those who haven't heard it. FIFA decided "celebrating" by taking off your shirt (men started it by the way) was 'unsportsmanlike' - or something, and now you get carded or maybe even a game suspension. I don't remember the details....

By the way - them are some pretty tough looking "girlies"

Randy Stewart

Man I'm all messed up now, I thought the girls took their shirts off to score! It's a little late after the fact isn't it? :biglaugh: :eek:

marco kerssies

players still do take their shirt of lol....but not on international level i think. Saw that USA has drawn germany and the other one is canada vs sweden. To bad its usa time though....much to late to watch it.

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