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Hello All,
Does anyone know of resources to learn on how to create a simple software architecture for embedded system that satisfies the 62304 requirements? I tried searching online and almost all of them are for software that run on OS and I am having difficulty grasping the concept of 4+1view. If anyone has a template to share that would be great.
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I developed plenty of architecture documents; I never used a "4+1" view.

I had the units drawn out, and then the units were arranged in a way that guided integration testing. If there was some element of the physical system that didn't precisely belong to a software unit (e.g. registers, memory maps), those were often shown on the architecture in a sort of stand-alone way.

For really simple systems (maybe implemented via PALs, PICs, or FPGAs) you could probably get away with just showing a state machine and still be able to do appropriate levels of testing.

From my PoV the architecture requirement exists to be able to test, understand, and fix the software. When bug-fixing: a good software engineer working on a well-engineered piece of software should be able to precisely point at the part of the code they need to touch, and describe the types of tests that will be necessary to believe the issue is fixed... that is where the architecture comes in.


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so many great topical discussions here, I literally just bumped into this 4+1 in one of the architecture documents I'm looking at and also had never heard of it before and was confused, it seemed like it added a lot of stuff, but I am not sure how often these views are used in practice.

The “4+1” View Model allows various stakeholders to find what they need in the software architecture.


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FYI for those who do not know about the 4+1 architectural view model.

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