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Software Development Company - Who would own the whole process and the certification afterwards?


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For a software development company that is aspiring to implement and get certified in accordance with the 14001 standard, who would own the whole process and the certification afterwards? given that there is no special or particular department within the org structure that has functions related to the scope of this standard.


John Broomfield

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The standard requires the organization to define the scope of its EMS. The scope is usually defined geographically, and in terms of the applicable products, by-products and processes.

The organization may choose to apply the standard to the entire sphere of its operations or to confine the scope to the parts of the business that have the biggest impact on the environment (both beneficial and adverse).

This is up to the chief executive officer.

The CEO determines who should be in charge of the EMS. The CEO delegates sufficient authority to this person so he or she can fulfill their responsibilities. No new department is required.
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