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Software for advancing with Document Control

I am very interested in working for Lockheed Martin-military/aerospace company. Most of my Document Control experience is with Medical Device. My question is which programs do you think I should learn?

Lean six sigma
PDM enteprises

Some of these may be redundant. Any help would be greatly appreciated:D


Looking for Reality

You might consider browsing their website and looking at job postings. Job posting tend to include "Required Skills" and "Preferred Skills".

That's likely to give you a better focus than a wide open question on a world wide forum...

Good luck with the job hunt!
Yes I definitely agree with what you mentioned. I already reviewed their requirements for the position and they had many software programs listed. I wrote down the ones I thought would be most useful.

I was hoping that perhaps someone on this forum could help me navigate through them in other words I don't want to waste my time learning many different types of software that essentially all do the same thing.

Not sure if I'm explaining myself correctly. In a way I was hoping with everyone's input I could see what the industry standard was for instance if most companies are using SAP then I would definitely get that certification.



Looking for Reality
FWIW, most very large companies (US public ones at least) run SAP as an ERP system.

Worst program ever written, and pisses off everyone who remotely touches it...but very common thanks to Sarbanes Costly.
I quit my last job 10/31/17 rather than use it.

If you're in Quality, you're better off with Lean or 6sigma (which BTW are not computer programs...).
If you're in engineering, you're better off with Solidworks.
If you like're better off in therapy.

One man's extremely biased opinion...HTH
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