Software for handhelds (Palms, Clie') that has ISO internal auditing programs


Brad Serangeli

Quick question for the "Covers"..
Anyone know of software for handhelds (Palms, Clie') that has ISO internal auditing programs? Thinking about trying this if available.:rolleyes:

Brad Serangeli

Thnks for the info. I think that when i get at least 20-35 posts I can classify myself as a "cover".

Craig H.


FWIW, my external auditor uses a handheld for our audits - actually for all of their audits.

During the audit, it takes him about as long to type his notes in as it does for me to jot mine down. Although his printer problems prevented him from doing this last time, he usually takes over my office after the audit for about 45 minutes, then he uses an IR connection to his portable printer, and he leaves me with a hard and soft copy of the audit report before he leaves.

It is much easier on everyone involved.

The software is propriatary, though.

Greg B


My guy takes notes. Transfers to a laptop and gives me the same (Hard/Soft Copy) before he leaves. It is much more practical and efficient. He does not use any fancy software, just forms he has designed as 'electonic' in word ie used the 'forms' button on the toolbar.
I've been thinking of getting a PDA but I do not know how practical they would be. Maybe we should start a Thread.

Greg B
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