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Software Life Cycle Process Map? Template or example wanted



Hey all,

I'm wondering if anybody has a ready made process map for medical device software life cycle? I'm looking for something that depicts the interrelation of development, risk management, maintenance, config management, problem resolution, etc.


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Re: Software Life Cycle Process Map?

What you ask for is tough to depict graphically. You have a broad topic (development), a focus area within that (risk management), "competencies" (configuration management), etc. all lumped together. The 'V' model is good to show the development cycle (and can be adapted to show how problem resolution ties in). Maintenance is typically problem solving unless you truly do things like database grooming. Configuration Management is layered on top of all this. Throughout the V model, you can show how risk management is carried out.

I don't know if that helps... and I don't know that any succint reply can adequately address the whole software engineering process.
Re: Software Life Cycle Process Map?

What you´re asking or can be foun in IEC 62304:2006 - Medical device software -- Software life cycle processes.
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