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Software quality training course


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I am working in a company where we are developing and testing vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment. We use a model similar to APQP to develop the new products. Due to increase use of software in our products we need to evaluate and test software as part of the development process. Here we do not find good tools in the APQP toolbox to test and validate the software.

Does anyone know some good Software Quality Training courses (preferably classroom training courses in Europe) which can teach us how to test and evaluate software during product development stage?



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Not totally sure how beneficial a course would be. A good tester has an innate "how can I break it" mentality as opposed to the developer's "how can I make it work" mentality. Anyone can write "happy path" testing (does it do what I think it should do given known inputs) but that can only take you so far.

Also, your software development model may drive the type of tester best suited. For example, in a test-driven development environment, you need a strong tester throughout the life cycle. In an agile environment, you may need some low-level testers that can write test scrips, create stubs, etc. In a "develop then throw it over the wall" (non-collaborative) environment, you'd want a strong exploratory tester, able to work independently of the development team.

I'd probably suggest that, instead of looking for training, maybe find some test consultants and bring them in to help develop your test program. (Sorry, I don't particularly know of anyone in the EU that could do that but I expect there are some here in the Cove that do).
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