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I am sorry to hear about this. I hope that she doesn't suffer and that you all stick together and support each other to get through this.

Wes Bucey

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ddhartma said:
Dear friends,

I just spoke to my wife who relayed the news to me that my Sister In-Law (my wife Kathi's younger sister) has less than 2 weeks to live. She has been dealing with cervical cancer for the past 4 months, and just found out that it has spread rapidly into her bladder, rectum and other areas within her.

They have turned her over to Hospiss(sp?) (she is now bedfast in a hospital bed at her home, where her son and boy-friend are helping to care for her) and my wife's family are meeting Sunday to make funeral arrangements.

This is the first in either my wife's or my family to leave us, and we are all taking it very hard.

For those who pray: Please remember my wife and her family in your prayers.
For those who don't believe in prayer: I do covet your thoughts and well wishes for her and her family.

Thank you in advance for your support,
Dave Hartman
This is a terrible blow for any family to face. I am very sorry for all the grief you will have to endure.

I would like to also make a positive statement about the Hospice concept. The basis for hospice is to allow terminal patients to die in the most dignified way possible, surrounded by the family who love and care about them. Primary attention is given to relieving as much pain as possible. Nearly as primary is preparing the family for the end and for continuing to function after their loved one has died. This includes psychological and financial preparation. Depending on the individual, it includes as much or as little religious counseling as the individual or family want.

I urge any of our readers who are facing a similar situation to the one faced by Dave's family to explore the hospice concept.

Randy Stewart

Prayers are with you

My prayers will be with you and your family Dave.

Bill Ryan - 2007

My thoughts and prayers also go out to your sister-in-law, as well as, you and your family.


Atul Khandekar

Extremely sorry to hear the news Dave. May the end be as painless as possible and may you and your family have the courage to face it.



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My prayers are with you and your family. Hospice is a wonderfully humane place for a dying person. You may not realize how much it means to a loved one to be surrounded by family and friends at the end of their life. May God's blessings be with you and yours.


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Dave, I have added you and your family to our prayer list.

Whether the first loss or not, these situations are difficult. Perhaps the
best advice I can share -- if advice you want -- is to take life day by
day. His grace will be sufficient.

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