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Elberth Ardila Tabera

Marc congratulations for your excelent web site, it is very importan for my knowledge and for my Job.

Why you don't put a special topic in a main page for Spanish Forum? I think all our community needs it, Don't you believe?
Thanks again.


Fully vaccinated are you?
I can do this easily. But - I can't duplicate every forum. There are 'TOP' topic or forum groups (like Auditing Topics) and then there are various sub groups.

1) Under what 'TOP' group do you want it?
2) What do you want the forum titled?
3) What do you want as a forum description?

Elberth Ardila Tabera

Hi Marc.
Top group "Automotive Topics"
Title "Foro en Español"
Description "Foro dirigido a todas las personas de habla hispana que quieran intercambiar ideas e información relacionada con los estándares del sector automotriz a nivel mundial"

Again Thanks
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