SPC books for engineers who are just getting into SPC


Dave W 2005

I'm looking for opinions......

I want to buy books for some engineers who are just getting into SPC... some reading matter that will help them with some of the technical stuff.
I had found that "Understanding Statistical Process Control" by Don Wheeler and David Chambers to be just the right balance.
Unfortunately this appears to have gone out of print.
Anybody got any ideas for a suitable replacement?




What you are doing is great!! Engineer's need to know SPC!:smokin:

I had that book in my first SPC class. I still have it now next to me at my desk. However, I was not overly impressed with it.

In the book, they change the name of standard terms, which makes it hard at times to follow.

But the question becomes, how basic are you starting with them? Is it as if they have never heard of SPC?


Dave W 2005

Obviously they have heard of SPC, but never ever used it before.
I took some through their first training this week, so they now know how to construct charts and perform basic analysis.

I want to leave them with suitable reference material that has a practical edge.


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David W. We just ordered this book about 1month ago from amazon.com. It is also available from SPC press at 800-545-8602 or do to www.spcpress.com or fax 865-588-9440. You may be able save a little dough by ordering from amazon on shipping. I
f you need it fast use spc.

Atul Khandekar

The ones I have used are:

1. Statistical Quality Control - by Grant & Leavenworth

2. Introduction to Statistical Quality Control - Montgomery

There's one more very basic, introductory book I had used. Unfortunately I don't remember the name/author just now. I'll try to remember and post the name.


Al Dyer

Just my humble opinion, but any person that far ahead with a decent educational background could use the AIAG SPC and MSA manuals to get the job completed.

MHO Al...


You go Al

Al Dyer said:

Just my humble opinion, but any person that far ahead with a decent educational background could use the AIAG SPC and MSA manuals to get the job completed.

MHO Al...

Might I suggest "Storming Heaven" by Dale Brown? :biglaugh: :ko: :smokin:

Kevin Mader

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I second Atul's and Al's comments. Also, if in fact the book you mentioned is out of print but you find it to be a good resource, consider buying used books off the internet. Save money while getting what you want.

Grant and Leavenworth learned what they know from the Master himself. I found it to be a great resource!!




Hi its Lee here, we spoke sometime ago regarding Data Management. I have been using a book for training the CMM operators, process engineers and others during my contract and its from a guy called Mal Owen. The book is called SPC and continuous Improvement and starts off in a basic SPC method and goes through to actual implementing an SPC system.

I have used this book as it best describes how SPC works and how graphs are created, how the calculations are completed and what the calculations are describing. It has example graphs as well. It’s a very good book indeed.

I have asked the organisation to purchase it for their Library but I'm not sure if they have yet, nor if you could borrow it anyway (with you being separate now)

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