SPC for Improvement? (was PreControl) SPC is great for stability!


Tom Slack

There are several contributors making excellent points concerning "SPC for Improvement" in the "PreControl" thread. Felt it was important enough for it's own thread.

The thought I would like to contribute is SPC is great for stability. The reason way many organization pursue SPC is it makes optimization possible (i.e. increased yield, increased engine efficiency, reduced emissions). The main tool for optimization is "Design of Experiments" (DOE).

It is acceptable to attain SPC without going on to DOE. It is NOT acceptable to use DOE when SPC hasn't been managed effectively.

Best Wishes,


Atul Khandekar

Agreed Tom. I think it also helps you focus on the process, identify and distingiush between special and common causes of variation and ultimately reduce variation.
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