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Speaking of 5-S - Weekend humor


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My favorite was on a job interview with an elevator company in Tennessee. They took me to where they had their morning production meeting and had foot prints with the name of each resource required to be at the meeting. Quality Manager was in the back so I did not take the job :)
One of our internal 5-S auditors had an overactive label gene one day and chastised me for not having my white board markers in the color-coded slot ( red in red, etc) but when he came to my undefined white board eraser, properly stowed in the eraser slot, he demanded that I label it. my reply was that it was the only logical item for that position, but he insisted I label it 'Somehow.'
So I did. In capital letters.
Next week, he came by, blew a neck vein and hasn't returned.
Life is good.


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Speaking of a labelling issue their was a manager where I work a few years ago who was pretty much universally despised from the top down, even his son who worked here hated him and hadn't spoken to him outside of work in 8 years. There had become a practice of large labels being used to identify pallets here which then progressed to members of staff unsuspecting anything having one placed on their backs with a choice comment added. This manager ended up having one stuck to him before he left for the day which had a rather impressive drawing of a male appendage and the phrase this is what I am written underneath, he then spent the next hour wandering around a local supermarket with this attached and non the wiser. He was obviously furious in work however he could not find the culprit, the practice stopped but it went out on a high note
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